A Fine Line: Helping our Kids

  Hola, mi amigos. If you’ve read my previous blog posts, you may be thinking things like, “Yea, but my kid needs to change, too,” or, “I’m not the problem, my kid’s behavior is the problem,” or, “What do I do to change my child’s behavior, besides change myself?” And these are all legitimate questions. So let’s talk about changing...[ read more ]

Bonding & Attachment with your Kiddos: What you Need to Know!

The expectations of school, work, and life have definitely increased throughout the past century. The world just seems to move faster any more. Remember when we were kids, and that 5 minute time-out seemed like forever? And now, we blink and a year has gone by. So here we are in 2018. Your kids have an excessive amount of learning...[ read more ]

Fighting the Good Fight

  I’ve had a lot of families recently who have had kiddos who are struggling. With depression or anxiety or issues with hyperactivity, impulsivity, lack of focus. With sensory related issues. With the related behavioral fall-out. With all of the above. So, what do you do to help your child when they are struggling with these issues at school? To...[ read more ]

[Sensory] Processing and Perception: What is it, and Why Does it Matter?

Popcorn, come get your popcorn! My brain is not allowing me to sleep tonight, partly because there is so much going on in there. So, I’ve decided to write. Maybe if I unload some of that stuff in my head, it’ll be easier to sleep, right? And I will be bestowing knowledge about kids, sensory processing, and how we can...[ read more ]
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